Chairman's Welcome

Hello and welcome to the BKFA Website!

Kite flying continues to be a passion that I hope I can share with as many of you as possible.  Its one that attracts young and old and demonstrates a diversity that would be the envy of many other sports.  And it is open to anyone.  I would encourage anyone interested in taking kite flying beyond a simple plastic kite on the beach or park to join your local kite club.  Everyone there will be delighted to share their enjoyment and experience.

You can find a list of UK clubs elsewhere on our website and if you need any other advice, do please contact us.

But that isn't to say times do not continue to be challenging.  With local government finances continuing under pressure, the ability of several clubs to run their festivals is still far from straightforward.

We hope that the site will provide a valuable reference and resource for all kiteflyers and clubs. We have tried to organise the site in a way that will allow you to get to the information you need quickly and easily. The navigation menu on the left will direct you to the basic categories of information. Note that some of the content for these items is still under development so you will just see the title heading. In due course we will populate all theses sections with useful information.

If you want information about the Association itself, follow the entries under "About the BKFA". Here you will find things such as our History, Constitution, etc. Other useful information about the operation of the BKFA can be found under "Meetings and Minutes", "News Centre" and "Newsletters". The "Resources" section contains other materials which will be of use to Kite Clubs and organisations. These include guidance documents such as our Risk Assessments and Kiteflying Code of Conduct. Please note that these resources are available for anyone who wishes to make use of them. Please feel free to use these as they are, or use them as a base for your own requirements. On the "Kiting Links" tab, you will find links to other useful kiting resources.

We have provided a handy feedback/suggestions form.We want the relationship between BKFA and kiters to be a two-way thing - we need your feedback and input in order to keep our finger on the pulse of what's actually happening around the country. If you hear of anything that we, or other kiteflyers, should be aware of, then please fill in the form and we will endeavour to follow it up.

Fair winds and good flying!

John Dobson