BKFA Kite Innovation Award

2006 was the 200th anniversary of the man who many would argue was the best engineer and inventor that the world has ever known, the legendary Briton, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. To mark the occasion, we announced a competition in recognition of Brunel’s work. The British Kite Flying Association teamed up with Bristol Kite Festival to organise a competition which recognises and rewards innovation in kite flying. The Award was eventually won by Peter Lynn for his innovative adaptive bridle system.

We have decided to continue with this award but a date and exact details have yet to be decided. We are keen to promote the efforts of British kite designers and makers. We believe that Britain has some of the world’s most talented kite designers and makers but their efforts are not always recognised. Therefore the the main prize in the next competition will be open to British kitemakers, whilst a secondary award is likely be open to kitemakers from other countries.

Entries can be any invention that pushes forward the art or science of kite flying. For example: - a new design of kite - a new method of kite construction - a new design of bridle - a new form of decoration.  Full details will be published nearer the time, but don't let that stop you from thinking about something for the next competition - you will then have plenty of time to develop the idea!

A new competition will be announced shortly - watch this space!