Legal and Regulatory

The main legislation affecting kiteflyers is the Air Navigation Order and Regulations published by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).The Order is very complex and it can be quite difficult to extract the sections relevant to kiteflyers!

Copyright restrictions prevent us putting the Order directly on this site, but if you follow the "CAP393" link on the left you can see the Order on the CAA site.

To try and make life a little easier, we have carried out an extensive analysis and examined any aspects which do, or could affect kite flying. In some cases there may be some ambiguity in how a section or order may affect kiting. We are currently trying to clarify these aspects with the CAA. For details of the current situation, follow the "CAP393 Analysis" link on the left.

For other questions regarding rules and regulations for kiteflying, the key contact at the Civil Aviation Authority is:

Dave Miller

Telephone:   020 7453 6585


He can advise on such things as:
• Captive balloon, kite and toy balloon flying
• Issue of Permissions and Exemptions from the ANO [Air Navigation Order] for balloons and kites, where necessary
• Providing specialist advice on ATC aspects of captive balloon and kite flying
• Reviewing and issuing annual Airspace Co-ordination Notices