Kite Records

New British altitude record for kites flown in train 

The Committee of the British Kite Flying Association has agreed unanimously to recognise a new British record for the maximum altitude achieved by kites flown in train.

The former record is generally recognised as having been held by Samuel Franklin Cody in 1904 at a location near Newcastle with a height of 14,000 feet.

The new record was set at Gedney Drove End in Lincolnshire on the 26th June 2011 with a height of 18,600 feet or 5,674 metres.  The record was verified by GPS and a lower height than registered on the GPS is being claimed to allow for the known tolerance of GPS instruments when measuring height.

The team have been working at this for several years with the generous assistance of the CAA who granted approval for high level flight and the authority of the RAF to use the airspace over their bombing ranges over the Wash.  Previous attempts had failed, some resulting in loss of equipment but this one was successful and the Committee were delighted to recognise the new record, having reviewed the evidence.

The evidence and Kevin Heasman's write up of the day are here: